Party At A Funeral ft Octavio Medallion | The Quasi Quintet

by Odi And The JAVSET

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    Just thought I'd let you know that my career's survival is not entirely dependant on wether or not you stream or purchase or download my work. Thus you should never feel obligated to consume my music as a favour to me. consume my music only if you want to. You owe me nothing I owe you nothing. All love. Peace.

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Party At A Funeral

May the work of our hands outlive us


I’ve made Peace with the fact
Gratification’s delayed and now I'm dealing with that
It's like I'm at a stage I'm bigger than what it seems sinking my fingers in the layers of the fucking onion peeling it back.
I bought the broken glass house and now I'm piecing it back
With glue that wasn't strong enough to hold me to my past
Watching the stones heading my way from all who think I need fucking approval to bring heat to a track
How do they know maybe it's science or the art inside the numerals
my bed is but before I rest in peace it is a party at a funeral.

Party at a funeral

The time has come where the prospect in the uncertainty of tomorrow seems far better than the comfort in the security of the past. Come with me as we take on the chance to grow wings as we jump into the dark of the abyss, party a funeral

You say it'll happen but they tell you that they hope u’re sure
So u proceed I'm caution walking through the Open door
What does it Hold in store
fucking lessons or opportunities you wouldn't have the chance to know before
The bombs and drones coming after you
Disguised as goodwill and favours u never asked for numbers to their phones so they can fuck with you
And here I thought tone makes you uncomfortable
you never had to say it
Now how the fuck am I supposed to play it
Party at a funeral

Party at a funeral

Party at a funeral

In blind but sober courage, as we cross over the threshold into the unknown, under a canopy of dying roses, dry and fragrant petals float in the air and shimmer in the light like confetti, party at funeral


released June 7, 2017
the has been conceptualised, sequenced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the Almighty muthafucking JAVSET



all rights reserved


Odi And The JAVSET Nairobi, Kenya

Song writer/ poet/producer/ lyricist/ composer/ 21st century renaissance man.
Glad you get to be a part of this. To the journey. Be your best!! #Javset.

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